How will the Perforated Metal Panel change after spraying

When customers purchasePerforated Metal Panel, they sometimes require electrostatic spraying to treat the products. These products have been sprayed with surface treatment for aesthetics on the one hand and corrosion resistance on the other, which can increase the service life of the product.

The process principle of plastic spraying: the powder coating is sent to the spray gun by the powder supply system by compressed air gas, and the high voltage generated by the high voltage electrostatic generator is added to the front of the spray gun. Due to the corona discharge, dense electric charges are generated nearby, and the powder has the mouth When sprayed, charged paint particles are formed, which are attracted to the workpiece with the opposite polarity under the action of static electricity. With the increase of powder, the more electric charge accumulates. When it reaches a certain thickness, due to electrostatic repulsion, Then stop the adsorption, so that the entire workpiece obtains a certain thickness of powder coating, and then the powder is melted, leveled, and solidified after baking, so that a certain thickness of hard coating is formed on the surface of ourPerforated Metal Panel.

Plastic spraying is what we call electrostatic powder spraying. It uses an electrostatic generator to charge the plastic powder and adsorb it on the surface of the iron plate. After baking at 180~220℃, the powder melts and adheres to the metal surface.


The electrostatic spraying process does not require thinner materials, does not pollute the environment, and is not harmful to the human body. The coating has a brighter appearance, stronger adhesion and mechanical strength, short curing time for spraying construction, and much higher corrosion and wear resistance of the coating. No primer is needed, the construction is convenient, and the cost is lower than the spray painting process. The flow phenomenon common in the spray painting process will not occur during the electrostatic spraying process, and the appearance is neat, making the overallPerforated Metal Panelbeautiful and generous.

Post time: Jun-01-2021