What are the advantages of expanded mesh metal?

We all know thatexpanded mesh metalas a kind of metal screen can be seen everywhere in our lives. Because expanded metal is a kind of expanded metal mesh, it consists of low-carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum plates with high elongation, etc. Punching and shearing, expanding to three to six times the length of the original plate, forming a metal mesh surface with a uniform diamond grid without welding connections. The metal wire stems forming the diamond grid are firm, and the overall mesh surface of the steel mesh is flat and the surface is non-slip. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, light weight, windproof, sound absorption, anti-aging, large load-bearing gravity, high tensile strength, and strong weldability. So what are the advantages of expanded metal? Next, I will introduce the advantages of expanded metal mesh.


The advantages ofexpanded mesh metalare as follows:

1. Expanded mesh can save the amount of steel used: under the same load condition, it can save the amount of steel plate, and correspondingly reduce the material of the supporting structure.

2. The appearance of the expanded mesh metal is modern: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilation and light transmission, giving people an overall smooth modern feeling.

3. Because the steel ladder (stair stepper) adopts the grid design, it can greatly reduce the wind resistance: due to good ventilation, the wind resistance is small in case of strong wind, reducing wind damage.

4. The CAD computer design is simple: no small beams are needed, the structure is simple, and the design is simplified; there is no need to design the detailed drawing of the steel grating, just indicate the model number, and the factory can design the layout on behalf of the customer.

5. Simple construction by workers: clamp the pre-installed support with bolts, which can be completed by one person.

6. Can greatly reduce investment: save materials, save labor, save construction period, and avoid cleaning and maintenance.

7. The installation time is short and the construction period can be greatly saved: the product does not need on-site processing, and the installation is very fast.

8. Durable and durable: hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, it is corrosion-resistant, it is several times the use time of the pattern plate.

9. The grid structure prevents dirt accumulation: no rain, snow and dust are accumulated.

10. The superiority ofexpanded mesh metalis embodied in ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, and good anti-skid performance.

11. Ditch cover plate (ditch cover plate) has a light structure: less materials and light structure.

Post time: Jun-01-2021