galvanized stair treads. galvanized steel grating stair tread,galvanized staircase

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stair treads is made by welding with flat steel and bars with certain distances. It goes through cutting, opening, edging and other processes. The products enjoy the feature of high strength, light structure, high bearing, convenience for loading and other propertier. The hot dipped zinc coating gives the product excellent anti-corrosion








*Maximum tread length based on 300lb. Concentrated load on front 5” of

read at center of tread length and defection limitation of 1/240 of length.



stair treads Finishes: electro galv, hot dipped galv, according to the difference surface treatment.


stair treads application:

stair treads are widely used by various plants such as electric power,petroleum,chemical industry,metallurgy industry,machinery industry,shipbuilding, harbor,oceanographic engineering,building,paper mills,cement plant,medicine,spinning and weaving,foodstuff factory,transportation,municipal administration,parking lot,etc.



Packaging & Shipping



our stair treads  is usually packed by steel belts and wood, convenient for forklift to move out. Also we can pack according to customers’ needs. See the pic followed for reference.

1) we will use the space reasonablely and maximumly:

2) stair treads  loaded with different sizes:

3) stair treads  of 1*5.8 or 1*6 m sizes package and load into container:

Delivery: 7-15 days






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