The application of Perforated Metal Panel building exterior wall decoration

Perforated Metal Panelbuilding exterior wall decoration is used in real estate construction and decoration fields. Usually, many forms of materials we use in deep processing are stainless steel plates or low carbon steel sheets as the main raw materials. Moreover, in many buildings, large-area perforated mesh design is adopted, and the metal curtain wall made of aluminum plate or aluminum alloy raw materials is generally selected. This is because the material is lighter.


Application ofPerforated Metal Panelbuilding exterior wall decoration:

1. Simple installation and convenient, high hardness and toughness.

2. Not easy to be corroded.

3. Good manufacturability; the aluminum plate can be formed into many special shapes before processing, and the plane is clean and tidy.

4. The surface is flat and the color tone can be changed; for the uniform adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate, we adopt advanced electrostatic spraying technology with various colors, which can greatly provide customers with color choices.

5. It is not easy to be stained with dust, and it is easy to clean and tidy up; the scope of application of aluminum plate is very popular with the public, and the non-adhesiveness of fluorine coating film makes it difficult to stain the surface of aluminum plate with strong adhesion contaminants. There is a strong simple cleaning function.

6. The simple construction and installation function allows the constructor to greatly reduce the complexity of the work. Before the aluminum plate is processed, the construction site does not need to be cut and can be fixed on the frame.

7. It has great recyclability and environmental protection characteristics; the recyclability of aluminum plates reaches 100%, which is different from decorative materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, and aluminum-plastic panels, and has a high recycling value.

The above-mentioned application ofPerforated Metal Panelbuilding exterior wall decoration has carried out a detailed introduction of six points. Perforated net products of different materials can do different surface treatments, highlighting the uniqueness and representativeness of the decorative effect. The thickness of the hole type and pitch material can also be customized.

Post time: Jun-01-2021