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Stair tread is available in grating, plate, perforated plate and expanded metal. It’s installed in the road or flooring, where the chances of skidding are there. This stair tread is available with or without angle frame. It easily retrofitted over existing grating or unsafe diamond checker plate assemblies. Meantime stair tread can be welded directly to current treads or stringers or can be bolted in place.Holes can be provided pre drilled for easy installation or can be drilled and countersunk in the field, without harming the surface. Therefore grating stair treads are ideal in wet and oily situations such as oil rigs, food processing plants and marine applications.

Stair tread creates a permanently slip resistant surface that is resistant to elements such as grease, dust and oil. When retrofitting over concrete steps, non-slip stair treads is routinely mounted into masonry anchors.  Stair treads have become an integral safety component for extreme wear longevity and continual safety.They are available in thicknesses of 1/8″ up to 1/2″ and standard depths of 8″ – 12″. It’s important that the correct grating load bar size and grating type is used based on the required stair tread span and loading. The table below is a basic guide used to establish the correct grating type required.


Stair Tread Types:
1>.Expanded metal stair tread
2>.Grating stair tread
3>.Perforated stair tread
4>Welded steel stair tread

Self colour
Hot dipped galvanized

* Stair treads provide a durable walking surface but features benefits like grating which allow for drainage and air flow. It ensure slip resistance for many years to come.
* Stair treads have a protective finish such as paint or galvanizing.  Without this surface treatment, stair treads can rust easily if exposed to moisture. Therefore it  should be primed, painted or hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion.  Hot dipped galvanizing is the preferred method for corrosion resistance.
* Non-slip galvanized stair treads are formed to job specifications. Treads can be formed into a channel to completely cover an existing slippery stair.  
* Stair treads are easily retrofitted over existing concrete, grating or unsafe diamond checker plate assemblies.  It can be welded directly onto current treads or can be bolted in place. 

Stair tread bar grating is a great choice for many industrial flooring applications. Smooth or serrated surfaces are available depending on your project needs for stair tread bar grating. Some common applications include:







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